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Feeding is the basis for a good body functioning, and for that, 47 nutrients are required. Most of these nutrients are essential, which means that they are not produced by the body, so depending on a correct external input.
Nutrition is the science that studies the best way of supplying the body everything it needs. Most people still associate the need for nutritional consultation exclusively to weight loss, which is wrong.
Functional Clinical Nutrition, as the name implies, is based on clinical symptoms and objective evidence collected during the clinical history in order to better guide the patient in search of foods that enhance their physical and intellectual functions.
Only through proper nutrition, that is, taking into account the individuality of each person, you can leverage all the performances to help prevent disease and slow aging by improving the quality of life.
As food reaction varies from individual to individual, a test for food intolerances may be suggested because is considered to be indispensable.

Cátia Azevedo da Costa


Curriculum Vitae (Summary)

Degree in Nutrition and Food Engineering by the Institute Superior de Ciências de Saúde - Sul, in 2006.
Works in Clinical Nutrition since then, had worked in various offices, clinics and other health areas.
Post-graduate degree in Biochemistry, Orthomolecular Medicine and Functional Clinical Nutrition, by Faculdade Fernando Pessoa and the Portuguese Center for Integrative Medicine, in 2009.
Post-graduate in Biological Medicine by Faculdade Fernando Pessoa and the Portuguese Center for Integrative Medicine, in 2010.

Portuguese Association of Nutritionists Member No. 2444N.