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Homeopathy is used by the British Royal Family since 1830. Gandhi once said that homeopathy is "the finest method to treat people economicaly and in accordance with the principles of non-violence (...). The government should encourage its use and promote its development in our country."
200 years ago, homeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann based on the law of similarity, summed up by the latin setence "similia, similibus curantur". In homeopathy, a patient is given a substance that produces similar symptoms to those that he has, when it was administered a high doses in healthy people. Contrary to common belief, a homeopathic becomes stronger as it is being diluted. This capability is conferred on it by succussion during its preparation. Homeopathic remedies may be manufactured from substances of plant, animal or mineral origin, and their use may be made unicist (a substance that covers the person's symptons), plural (using various remedies) or complex (a medicine which is a composite of several substances).
Homeopathy is fairly widespread in all continents, and it's assumed to be practiced in over 80 countries, representing an estimated 300 million patients. For this reason, it is considered by the WHO the second most used system of primary health care in the world. The highest concentration of practitioners is in Europe, countries such as Germany, France or England, in Latin America, in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, and Asia, in India and Pakistan. In countries such as Australia, South Africa, Canada and U.S., homeopathy is growing.
Homeopathy is co-financed by the National Health System of some countries. In Britain, 45% of general practitioners consider it useful and recommend it.

In France , all pharmacies sell homeopathic products, and it is precisely a homeopathic remedy the most sold over the country . Homeopathic pharmacies are known to exist in Portugal since the nineteenth century.

The British Homeopathic Society was founded in 1844 and the British Homeopathic Journal published continuously since that year.

In 1854 , there was an outbreak of cholera in London . The mortality rate of people treated in London Homeopathic Hospital was about 16.4 % while in the other hospitals was around 50 %.

Homeopathy is part of the National Health Service English since 1948. There are five homeopathic hospitals in the UK (Bristol, Glasgow, Kent , Old Swan and London).

Mother Teresa adopted the use of homeopathy in her missions by opening the first dispensary in Calcutta in 1950. Her interest in this specialty was mainly due to its efficacy and low cost.

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